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Why US?

Our company is owned and managed by highly qualified professionals coming from India’s renowned universities. Our team of experts truly abide by the privacy policy of our clients, delivering quality content respecting the timelines given. Our utmost priority has always been 100% customer satisfaction. We are available for all your needs/queries 365 days and 24 hours.

We manage every translation project with care and priority. We believe pricing is crucial, hence we have a team specially tasked to keep a check on the prices of the services we provide, ensuring best available rates for any service one has opted for.

Our Project heads are well experienced to handle all types of works. All our department heads are well versed with the requirement of our clients and fulfill them keeping in mind even the minutest of the detail.


Deadlines are a crucial aspect of any project. If the project does not meet the deadline its submission becomes baseless. We, at Transipedia ensure all the projects are submitted within the given timeline maintaining our quality standards.


We understand the importance of the file that we receive. All the works we do are kept highly confidential and no backup copy is stored in our systems once the file is handed over to the client. We keep the privacy of all the works we have done and assure our clients that their data will never be compromised.


Quality Control


the translation is checked internally before being delivered to the client. This consists of:


Verifying that the instructions were followed

Checking for inconsistencies

Verifying numbers

Layout and formatting

Spelling check and grammar

Verifying line breaks and capitalization

Proofreading: a second linguist proofreads the target text only. The goal of this proofreading step is to correct spelling, grammar, typography (capitalization, punctuation, typographical errors), style and syntax (structure of phrases).

Bilingual revision: a second expert linguist compares the target text to the source and makes any necessary edits, ensuring the translation is correct (identifying mistranslations, omissions, etc.) and that any predefined terminology has been used appropriately.


At Transipedia, we make it a point to optimize quality on all the translations we complete. As part of that commitment, we estimate that a human translator can translate between 1200 and 1500 words per day, depending on the technicality of the text. We choose translators who are based in the country of the language they translate into, since this allows them to stay connected to the culture and its changes.

Our translators and linguists are carefully selected based on the project’s specific industry and how the project will be used. All our linguists must follow these rules:
Only translate into their native language.
Translate based on the type of material and its objectives.
Have the required knowledge and skills in the project’s specific field.
Use appropriate reference materials to ensure a  perfect understanding of the documents to  be  translated.
Maintain and develop their knowledge and skills by completing ongoing professional  development.
Decline projects whose deadlines are too short for the assigned task

Your dedicated team will always include an account manager and a project manager. Your project manager follows standard operating procedure:
Prepares projects and instructions
Assigns trusted professional translators who are native speakers of the target language
Communicates between your assigned linguist and your team in case of questions during the project
Takes delivery of translations
Ensures your instructions are carried out throughout the project
Performs quality control
Delivers your projects
Records your terminology preferences